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Gothic / Rock / Metal

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Quick Info
Band Members -
Margriet - Vocals
Rik - Lead Guitar
Martin - Bass
Karin - Drums
Manon - Synth & Percussion
Record Labels -
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Info Page
IMPORTANT: This MySpace is NOT maintained by Season Of Mist Records or any members of the band. It's primary purpose is to promote them!

Asrai's roots lay in the 1980's. Several of its members played in various punk and new-wave bands. At that time their music already had a melancholic dark side. Asrai was formed in 1988 and very quickly obtained an excellent reputation thanks to radio sessions and their gigs.

Asrai released several demo-tapes from 1989 to 1994 ("the Blue tape","So clear that you couldn't tell where the water ended and the air began", "Love is a Lie","Live in a package"). Finally in 1997 their debut CD, "As Voices Speak", This cd was noticed and signed to the label Poison Ivy. On this label a german release of As voices speak was issued.

From 1997 Asrai took time to perfect their sound and to find the right line-up. The band stood tall through this difficult period. Their perseverance was rooted in a sincere love for music.

In the meantime, contracted by Transmission Records, Asrai recorded their second CD "Touch in the Dark". Roman Schoensee produced this cd while Sascha Paeth, the best guy for mixing Metal and Rock, made the finishing touch. The CD was recorded in both Holland (Excess Studio) and Germany (Beautiful Lake Studio).

The result is an album full of hot-blooded rock wandering through the twilight zone between Gothic Rock and Metal. Let yourself get carried away by their music and the exeptional and intense singing of Margriet.

Fall into the depth of your darkest and intense emotions.

The release date for the album "Touch in the Dark" is may 26th 2004. It will be released in most European countries as well as in Asia and North and South America.

The single "Pale Light" was released may 6 th The video-clip made for their single "Pale Light"was made by the versatile and talented duo Marcel de Jong and Jelle Swetter .

Their second single "In front of me"from the album "Touch in the Dark" was released September 23rd. And again the videoclip was made by Marcel de Jong and Jelle Swetter and Maud Mulder.
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Touch In The Dark Live!

In Front Of Me

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