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1. Conduct

1.1. The 'Golden Rule' - Please respect others. This includes the members of Asrai, as well as other bands and fellow forum members.

1.2. No posts that are likely to cause offense. This includes racially or sexually offensive posts.

1.3. No abusive or personal attacks on other forum members, neither in the forums nor via Private Message. This includes ‘flame wars’ or sexually/racially offensive references. Debating and discussion is fine, but we will not tolerate insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Please approach posts on the forum with a mature attitude.

1.4. Do not attempt to impersonate a band member or other forum user.

1.5. Do not create multiple user accounts for any purpose. Such accounts will be deleted and may lead to a ban.

1.6. Please keep avatar and signature images to a reasonable size. 120x120 pixels is a good maximum size for avatars, as large images disrupt the forum and make navigation difficult for others. We would ask you to use your discretion with signature images; please do not allow them to take up too much space on screen. Remember that people use different screen resolutions.

2. Posting guidelines

2.1. Before posting a new thread, please search the forum, as there is a chance it has already been discussed or the information is already available. Duplicate threads will either be merged with the original thread or deleted to keep the forum as clutter-free as possible.

2.2. No advertising or spam. We hate that and will remove the thread/post. Introducing your band is acceptable, and there is a thread in the ‘Other Music’ forum for just that.

2.3. Do not use profanity in thread titles. Such threads are likely to be renamed or deleted.

2.4. DO make thread titles relevant, otherwise the thread is likely to be renamed or deleted.

2.5. Please refrain from starting meaningless threads, and single-word (or single smiley) nonsense posts. Also, we do not encourage excessive posting and using the forum as real-time chat; such threads are likely to be locked and deleted.

2.6. Please remember that the community welcomes all languages, however English is the main language used on the forum. Greetings, etc. are fine but please do not hold discussions in other languages as it makes moderation difficult or impossible. Also, any thread titles (with the exception of greeting/introduction threads) that are in languages other than English will be renamed.

2.7. No posts advocating illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, murder, assault, drug abuse, self mutilation, etc.

2.8. No pornography, links to sites containing porn or porn links or references to porn sites will not be tolerated. This includes site names, URLs and hints to the site names. Additionally no pornographic/graphic images are to be used for personal avatars or signatures. Please remember that Asrai fans come in all ages and respect the sensitivity of all ages. Any member found breaching this particular rule will be banned indefinately without warning.

2.9. Links to illegal software and music will be removed, as will threads asking for such links. This includes warez, cracks, copyrighted mp3 and video/movies. Direct links to Bit Torrents for such files will also be removed. members breaking this rule will be warned

3. Rule Enforcement

3.1. The rules of the forum will be enforced by the moderators. Please let them moderate: do not attempt to enforce the rules yourself.

3.2. Users who break the rules may be warned by a moderator, depending on the seriousness of the offense, and may be subject to a ban, either temporarily or permanently. This will be carried out at the discretion of the site administrators, without warning.

3.3. Punishment resulting from a breach of the forum rules is at the discretion of the moderators; their decision is final. All cases are considered on an individual basis.

3.4. If you wish to report an abuse, please send an email us at asraifans[at] or private message to the administrator, clearly explaining the source of the abuse with a link to the relevant thread(s) in the forum.
replace [at] with @ when sending an email

4. User Agreement

4.1. By posting on this forum, you acknowledge that your IP address and other personal information that you registered with may be used by the Administrators of the site if required for any legal situations that arise from your use of the forum. You also agree to comply by the above forum rules.

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